Dieter Brusberg

* 22.6.1935 Trier
† 28.8.2015 Berlin

Gallery owner and art dealer Dieter Brusberg, whom I held in great esteem, died in Berlin on 28th August 2015, at the age of 80.

Dieter Brusberg was an authority in my eyes, a gallery owner of the old school. He had a fine instinct, and when assessing art he relied upon his own judgement, regardless of the market, hype or commonplace attitudes. As an art dealer, curator and publisher – most recently of a comprehensive monographic work on Bernhard Heisig, which was very close to his heart – he helped to shape the art trade in Germany in a definitive way; first in Cologne, and since the 1980s in Berlin.

Dieter Brusberg accompanied my development as an artist, helping me to sharpen my perspective on my own work and supporting my progress with his criticism and encouragement. I am also indebted to him for the opportunity to participate in the last exhibition he curated, “Berlin am Meer / Berlin by the Sea” shown in Ahrenshoop in 2013/14.

A life lived for the arts has come to a close. I will remember Dieter Brusberg with deep respect and gratitude.


Dieter Brusberg’s obituary in the Tagesspiegel (in German): Zum Tod von Kunsthändler Dieter Brusberg: Galerie und Manege